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  • Julian guides you to search within with a gentle and inquisitive approach. He shows you other possible avenues to explore and with his guidance, you leave the session feeling you've taken another step forward. Really glad to meet Julian. Took much from our sessions.
  • I had a session with Julien today, he helped me to see the root cause of the issue I am facing. He also gave me practical advice to handle the situation. I am already feeling little better. Thank you Julien!
  • My session with Julian was really helpful. I came to him for help with feeling frustrated and trapped by my situation regarding money. In the session, it seems as though he installed some kind of new thought forms to help me when these feelings arise, as well as removed others that were not helpful. I've momentarily started having thoughts of frustration and being trapped since, but its like something in my mind now just shuts down those thoughts really quickly so they can't take hold, and I bounce back and onto better feeling subjects. Honestly, I know the healing impact of the session with Mr. Noyer will be with me all my life! I'm excited to continue working with him on other stuff. I highly recommend his services!
  • One hits some stumbling points in life, I have!  Old roots that need to be removed, to see with better clarity. Julien has given me new tools to eradicate with a little patience, the stumbling points to better feelings and experiences in life. You should feel secure and blessed to spend time with him to unravel and remove the unecessary.
  • Julien very quickly gets to the root of the issue and uses techniques to very clearly help you to understand how it's our thinking and old patterns that are getting in the way. I have already seen a positive change since I worked with him as the energy around my issue shifted. I felt completely safe and relaxed with Julian. I highly recommend him.
  • I had a fun and relaxing hypnosis session with Julien Noyer just a few weeks ago. Since my hypnosis with Julien, I have been more motivated and  productive, both personally and professionally.  Recently, I had 3 new business opportunities presented to me that weren't part of my business plan that I'm following up on and excited about. Thank you Julien for my new found clarity in my business and more.
  • I had a video session last week with Julien to help my mind settle a bit more before bedtime. As a practicing hypnotherapist for 24 years, I like to experience other hypnotherapists' techniques. His was very different, as there was no "induction." There was open eye dialog most of the time (occasionally closing my eyes to visualize or get a feel for something) where he used reframing techniques and metaphor, and some visual aids, to help my subconscious and conscious sort out ideas and thoughts related to my emotions. That night and several other nights this week my mind did feel more settled as I lay down to sleep.
  • Julien approached the session I had with him with complete respect and validation of my issues. I felt safe and comfortable working with him, and the positive outcome following the session has been phenomenal! A true professional. Thankyou Julien
  • I just did a session with Julien and I really liked his approach. It was nothing like I expected to be honest but it was a remarkable experience.
  • Julien has a very interesting and effective approach and I totally enjoyed my session with him
  • I enjoyed my "re-framing" session with Julien. i do not know what his technique is called but its changes your perspective. Julien is very talented at what he does and makes you feel at ease. I think his method would work well too in group therapy. I hope more people would try his new innovative method
  • Julien is an excellent therapist - his approach has been of great support with the areas that I required guidance with. Julien asks the questions that i required to get clarity and completion.  Thank you Julien for your smart and professional work!
  • I had a great session with Julien and would definitely recommend him. His approach was wonderful and very helpful.
  • I whole-heartedly recommend Julien’s practice. The time we spent working together was not only helpful in identifying my own tendencies, but fun and engaging. His genuieness really shined, and I’m confident he will be able to work with any who chooses him and make a positive impact on their life.
  • I had a very interesting session with Julian on video. I highly recommend him as he's is comfortable to talk to and his method is very thought provoking. I can say that I definitely had a paradigm shift in my thought process. Thank you Julien!
  • I had a excellent session with Julien the other day! His techniques are very effective and he is very comfortable to work with. Thank you Julien!
  • I had a very powerful session with Julien.  I have had hypnotherapy before, but he was very skilled and able to allow me to explore new perspectives I had never considered.  I would highly recommend his services.
  • I had a great session with Julien and would definitely recommend him. His metaphors, approach and way of playing with the ideas, thoughts and experience was wonderful and very helpful.Thank you Julien.
  • I really enjoyed my online session with Julien. His "bedside manner" is very friendly and I felt comfortable talking to him right away. He is very supportive and encouraged me to participate in the therapeutic process throughout the session. His approach is very skillful, using playful metaphors that allowed me to start to see through the erroneous assumptions I had been making about my emotional experience. This helped me to relax and let go of rigid ways of thinking and feeling about my issue. I highly recommend Julien as a therapist and counselor.
  • I ran across Julien in a general hypnosis chat and took him up no his offer to chat. It was nothing like what I presumed it would be, it was very relaxed and engaging yet at the same time achieved more than I was presuming at the same time.  He's engaging, I especially enjoyed how he is completely transparent and sets expectations about everything first.  The exercises we did have helped me especially during this crazy covid-19 changes in all our lifestyles to be able to observe myself outside myself.
  • I had a session with Julian just over a week ago, julian called me at the time he said he would and I found him to be polite,  professional and understanding and I found the session to be amazing and insightful, Julian used cards and little tasks to help me change the way I view my anxiety after  our session I spent the next two days releasing many things that was connected to my anxiety, so there was loads of tears.  Thanks to julians session I am now able to manage the situation in hand and not allow it to run away with me.  even though the subject was serious julian went around it in a playful way and told me loads of little stories. I would 100% recommend him and he has even messaged me a week later to make sure I was OK.
  • I  worked with Julien Noyer for a session for myself a week ago (...) I found his approach very refreshing, insightful, and a wonderful help.  Thank You Julien!  Experience Julien's skill.  You will be glad you did.
  • I met Julien to ask for help about a condition of my eyes (iritis - uveitis). It does manifest with the constant sight of some annoying shapes preventing me from seing properly, as well as pain around the eyes and headaches. I’ve seen a lot of different doctors and practitioners who seemed to point at the fact that It could be of somatic origin (Nocibo effect). I then contacted Julien not knowing about what to expect. The session went well. It was playful and insightful, like a game with wisdom ideas. It seemed that stress was a major factor of this condition. Since then the symptoms have decreased drastically. I’m very grateful for having met Julien and I cannot thanks him enough.
  • My upper back/neck was in excruciating pain. Probably a 7 of 10. Julien helped me get it down to a 3 in under an hour… I had re-aggravated a weightlifting injury near an upper vertebrae. I couldn't swivel or rotate my head .. Immobile. Super sensitive. This wasn't an "emergency". But I was at a countryside cottage with the nearest therapist a 20-minute walk, plus a 20-minute bus ride. Julien and I did about 45-minute live session via voice call. He guided me through his process. As we finished, much of the back tension had loosened and drained. I gently rotated my neck. It "clicked" in a few places. Additional "pops" rotating my torso. Pain went from a 7 down to 3. The injury is still there, but I don't expect a miracle in that short of time… His name's Julien, not Jesus;) It's been months since our single session and the pain hasn't grown past 3. Some therapists only manage pain as a tactic for repeat business. Julien actually gave me a 'mental tool' to manage pain for the future. I'd use Julien's services for similar situations in the future, and recommend anyone also contacting him. Thank you Julien!
  • Julien worked with me for one meeting and I absolutely benefitted noticeably from working with him. I was dubious about hypnotherapy before the meeting and now see the value in talking through beliefs that we hold as false. By seeing thoughts in a new light with Julien’s help, I am feeling a lot better and much less anxious.
  • Highly recommend having a session with Julien. Julien is kind and easy person to talk to you and I enjoyed discussing our thought process and doing the exercises which help to clarify unproductive/negative thoughts vs focusing on the 'now' and provide me with a great tool to manage stress.
  • I had a great session with Julien. He was very easy to talk to and showed me lots of great tools and techniques to help change my thinking patterns! Highly recommended. Thanks! 
  • My session with Julian was really eye opening and a great window into the world of hypno therapy. He was really patient, took the time to answer my questions and made me feel really comfortable. My mind set has completely changed and the tools he has given me are so relevant to how I want to continue forward. I will definitely be continuing my sessions and I highly recommend people at least give it a try
  • Very effective sessions that help solve my trauma. He has a gentle way to approach the issue, playful somehow but efficient. Feeling of comfort, release from pain after the sessions. I would highly recommend Julien if you need to be consulted with different problems you have in life.

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